Risk Control and it’s Five Pillars

In today’s dynamic business environment, effective risk control is essential for mid-sized companies. TriCounty Risk Partners is dedicated to empowering mid-sized businesses with a comprehensive approach to risk management. Beyond insurance, we provide education and strategies to help you save…

What is a Workers’ Compensation Dividends

Infographic illustrating the relationship between workplace safety practices and earning workers compensation dividends, featuring symbols like a safety helmet, goggles, high-visibility vest, upward trend graph, money bags, and a symbolic cheque, linked by arrows to highlight the benefits of safety on financial returns.
An informed agent can shed light on the potential for dividends based on past trends. However, an outstanding agent will evaluate your company's loss history and confidently predict potential dividends, advising you on bespoke risk management strategies to boost your eligibility. If dividends haven't been part of your conversations, it's worth questioning why.